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Here is a list of different options we have here at SoFlo Flyboarding for your Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jetpack Adventure! Just click the link you would like to book and pick a time and date! Note: If you are picking more than one please go through the process and then click add to cart before checking out! Thanks and can’t wait to introduce you to the Hydroflight Experience!

Ultimate Flyboard Experience 30 minute

Feel the Flyboard experience and learn how to fly steadily, spin, & do the dolphin dive!


Hour Flight Experience for up to 2 people

Great for 2 people to split for a great adventurous water flying action day!



HoverBoarding Experience – Surf the Sky

Surf the sky like Silver Surfer on the Hoverboard! It’s like surfing with jet propulsion a really fun thrill for the athletic board lover.


Half Day Flyboarding Experience: 4 hours

Up to 12 riders can split this half day of flying. In the case you and your friends want to come show off! Hoverboard is included in session!

Half Day Flyboard/Hoverboard Party Experience


Full Day Flyboarding Experience: 8 hours

Up to 30 riders can split this full day of flying. Great for parties with friends or Family! Book one or two Flyboard units!

Full Day Flyboard/Hoverboard Party

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