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For all the information you need on these products, please call us at 561-870-0057 and Talk to a PRO FLYBOARDER
We will help you get the right setup for what you need! That way you get the right products for your specified use! We also have bundle packages to find out more you can also email us at

Buy Flyboard Pro Series by ZR

It’s not called Pro Series for nothing!  This board is light weight, adjustable all over, and meant to fly with real precision!  Clear ports made of super durable indestructible material! This board also has a break point that allows you to spin in place or cut out of a bad turn fast just by toeing down quick.  It almost can keep you from falling once your a proficient flyer!  We can customize this board for you just call us to go over options (Colors & Personalization)!

Sale Flyboard Pro Series

Buy Flyboard Pro Series

Buy Hoverboard by Zapata Racing

Imagine zooming around forward up to 23 mph and upwards to 15 feet on this sweet board!  It’s like surfing the sky!

If you don’t feel like waiting on some waves hook this bad boy up to your jet ski and let it fly!  Works great with EMK!

Zapata Racing Hoverboard for sale

Buy Hoverboard at SoFlo Flyboarding


Wireless Throttle Kit (EMK)

Be in full control when you are flying the Flyboards, Hoverboard, & Jet pack!  It makes a world of a difference controlling your own throttle so you can hit it to go to the top of the hose or lower it to dive in and out!

Electronic Magnetic Throttle

EMK for Sale Wireless Hydroflight Throttle

Flyboard LEGEND

Designed in 2014 this is a Solid board for long term use and great if your going to have multiple people flying on throughout the years!  Metal ports and and metal y-pipe with 4 floats to ensure maximum safety.

Buy Flyboard Legend

Flyboard Sale


So you want to jump on the original device to come out using water jet propulsion?  We have it here!  Strap on this Jet Pack and Fly up and dangle from as high as you want.  Great for going up and just chilling 20+ feet above the water and looking out at the wonderful scenery around you!

Jet Pack for Sale




4 Hour Operator Training Course ($350)

All Purchasers of the Flyboard® will be required to complete the Operator Training Course on how to operate the Flyboard®. Once you have taken the class, you can take the Flyboard® home with you or we can ship it to you. Before we ship the Flyboard®, you must complete the Flyboard® Operator Training Course, sign and agree to our Liability Release Form, sign the Comprehensive Form, and sign and agree to the non-compete contract, which will be reviewed with you by a professional instructor on your training date.

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