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Flyboard How it Works –  The Flyboard was created in 2011 by Zapata Racing. It is strapped to the feet of the user and is connected to a jet ski by a hose.  The power of the jet ski is what propels the water through the hose. The water is propelled out beneath the Flyboard allowing the user to fly in upwards of 30 to 35 ft above the water.  There are attachments that do allow the users to control the power of the Flyboard from their hands but this would be used by someone who has more experience.  Safety is priority with every flight.  Zapata Racing in agreement requires that a safety/training course must be completed with the purchase of each board, if you have not already completed.  Flyboarding will turn into a worldwide amazing sport and we’re proud to be a part of it.


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The Flyboarder in general, controls everything about the Flyboard except how much power it’s receiving. The power portion of the experience is controlled by a certified instructor on the jet ski. However, regardless of the power, the user strongly controls his/her height by how they shift the board and indefinitely control their direction by how they balance the board. It should be noted that based on the logistics of this, the jet ski itself is powerless as all the power is pushed through the Flyboard.  Since the power is all pushed through the Flyboard, the Flyboarder is in control of direction of the jet ski because it is towed behind in the direction the Flyboarder is flying.



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If you would like to read more into the inventor of the Flyboard Click the Zapata Racing Logo Below



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