Pricing & Flyboard/Hoverboard Training

Flight Rentals and Packages

Our flight packages provide one-on-one personal flyboard training conducted by certified flight instructors. During your flight, you will learn proper steering controls, floating positions, low taxi, high taxi, free flight, and landing. Most people are up and flying in a few short minutes.

QuickFlight Experience: 20 min – $80

20-minute flight and 5 minutes of instruction time.   Just right if you want to just have a quick thrill.

SoFlo Flyboarding Experience: 35 min – $140

30-minute flight and 5 minutes of instruction time.  Great if you want to just have some good fun and learn how to spin and dive.

Iron Man Flight Experience: 55 min – $180

45-minute flight and 10 minutes of instruction time.  Perfect for a solid adrenaline rush.

Hover Boarding  Experience: 35 min – $180

Add the 25 minutes of Flyboarding Experience for only $75 Extra

Half Day Flyboarding Experience: 4 hours – $620

Up to 4 riders please call for additional rider pricing.  In the case you and your friends want to come show off!

Full Day Flyboarding Experience: 8 hours – $1120

Up to 9 riders please call for additional rider pricing.  Great for party’s and get togethers with friends or Family!

***  Flyboarding Pro Monthly Rider: 5 Flights a month– $345 per/month  ***

You can have up to 3 total named members on this program.  Receive 5 flights of 40 min a month with instructions, call for additional rider pricing.


For groups of ten or more, please contact us at

flyboard training

New Operator Flyboard Training Course

New Flyboard owners are required to complete an Operator Training Course. Please check back later for schedule

Extended Lessons- Contact Us for details

We also offer an extensive training course to get you on your way to becoming a professional flyboarder.  Everyone’s learning curve is different.  You may be able to attempt more stunts in a shorter period of time.  We will take you to the extremes for water based sports.  We recommend this only for people who dare to take it to the limit.

Events and Shows

Need something cool and interesting for your next event? Hire one of  our professional flyboarders to come out and give an amazing show on the Flyboard. It will definitely be a hit with your guests! Contact Us for additional details.