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Here you will find a couple of our Pro Flyboarders!  These guys are a couple of the top ranked guys in the world!  Both compete in competitions all around the world in Flyboarding.  Both have Finished in Top Ten in a competition or two!

In these competitions you are scored on combinations, tricks, agility, speed, and showmanship!  The competitions they have competed in over the last couple years are X-Dubai Flyboard World Cup, North American Flyboard Championship, & Southeast Hydroflight Championship!

We offer Shows and Special training with these athletes!!!!  Especially if you buy a Flyboard kit they can help get you setup for what works for you best!  Call 561-870-0057


Rush Bragg Pro Flyboarder

Rush “Rushbunny” Bragg!¬† Known to the Flyboard community as Superman!¬† His Superman doubles, infinity flips, & 50 foot dives are a sight to see.¬† He’s great at getting the crowd pumped up and involved in his runs!¬† He devotes everything to the growth of the sport and really likes to see more and more people flying!

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Rush Bragg Pro Flyboarder

Jason Gauthier Pro Flyboarder

The “Mad Genius”!¬† This is exactly what you get when you have the brain and the monster within one!¬† Jay is a superb flyer¬†bringing intensity, power, and raw energy to the table!¬† His pinpoint accuracy and determination to be the best is unmatched, his work ethic is off the charts!¬† With his great composure and amazing skills he masters every situation!

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Jason Gauthier